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The Magic happen in Rahul's life

Hello I’m

Dr Dixant Chhikara

MBBS, IFAAM (International Fellowship in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine)(Germany)

“Let me tell your a small Story of Rahul”

Rahul is a boy who was worried about his Looks, When he meet me, he was under confidence just because of his Hair. He was feeling low.

I asked him, “What are those problems which are you facing in your life What is your desire, What  you want in your life?” 

He Said, “I am Constantly “Embarrassed”, have low “self-esteem” and feels ‘humiliated’ in public places…

Lacking self-confidence, 

I am a loser on the dating scene….

I even have trouble getting a job.. Competing with people “younger” than me.

I tried Prescription medicines, Rogaine, change my hair styling and all kind of Vitamins, thinking about the wig, tried different types of shampoo and oil… seems the more I used those all the more toxic my system became… and the worst I felt 

I saw some success but I also had some serious side effects.

Like painful itching on my scalp, nausea, weight gain, skin discoloration and “More Balding

I want to find a “Permanent” Relief.

I told Him,”In today’s competitive world, Balding head is a DISADVANTAGE you don’t need.

There are solution

Hair-fall can be prevented. HAIR can grow back!

It needs the right treatment.
Because hair loss can be due to multiple reasons:
➡️ family hereditary
➡️ lifestyle
➡️ food habits
➡️ stress-level

I Made him understand each & everything then Transplanted his hair


After 3 months of Transplantation He Said….

 What I was before, I couldn’t find a job, was a loser in the dating scene, and worst of all, I felt like I was too old to compete with people younger than me.

What I am NOW

I am now a  Normal person whit NATURAL Hair. I can do any hairstyle whatever I like, I don’t need any CAP for hiding My Hair

The Best decision I ever took I’m thankful to

Dr Dixant Chhikara

My experience with DHT Clinics was great. Dr. Dixant Chhikara changed my life. Thank you so much to Dr.Dixant Chhikara and his entire team.

This Decision changed my Whole life

Be Honest with yourself. . .

Like him, you are probably Afraid you are Losing hair too early in life 

…It’s making you LOOK MUCH OLDER, and more importantly, FEEL MUCH OLDER… 

And worse yet, it is affecting your CONFIDENCE, your LOVE LIFE, and maybe even Your ABILITY TO GET A JOB

In today’s competitive world, Balding head is a DISADVANTAGE you don’t need.

He struggled with all of the above for over five years!!


If you are suffering from early set of losing hair right now…

and you feel 10 years older because you look older

What I am about to tell you in the ONE-on-ONE Call will literally “Change your Life

I am going to tell you exactly “How to get rid of your losing hair” 

-what to do 

-what “not” to do 

-and why

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