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Q Switch Laser

Q Switch Laser

The Q Switch Laser is the most recent innovation to deal with unequal complexion and hyper-pigmentation. It’s an innovative solution that utilizes a Q-Switched laser that’s extremely risk-free for Indian skin to deal with undesirable coloring on the skin.

Q -Switch laser produces an unnoticeable beam that particularly targets the brownish pigment or melanin existing in the dark spots without actually having any type of impact on the bordering skin. The pigment takes in the laser power and obtains fragmented within the skin’s cells, thus providing you smooth as well as complexion. The laser reaches difficult locations where products or peels and so on don’t get to.

It typically takes regular sessions for the solution to work efficiently. It is a no down-time solution and you might go back to work or play instantly after.

The laser when integrated with our extremely efficacious skin treatment products, lightens, promotes, and safeguards your skin, to assist provides you a smooth, perfect skin tone that you have constantly preferred.

How does Q-switched laser function?

The laser power is taken in by the pigments (typically brownish, or gray in color). These pigments break into smaller-sized pieces and are normally removed away from the body and skin.

acne spots are triggered by swelling (the inflammation, and discomfort) from acnes. The swelling triggers the skin to create pigments. These pigments are the reason for acne spots, which can be efficiently eliminated with the laser.

the color of our skin is also identified by the number of skin pigments. Dark complexion persons or individuals that go sunlight tanning frequently possess more skin pigments. The laser, at the appropriate establishing, assists lighten the complexion and makes it fairer and more vibrant.

the laser utilizes its power to eliminate dust, dead skin cells, oil, and shallow face hair. Take this as an efficient and multi-purposed skin treatment facility!

the laser can also eliminate P-acne, which is the germs that trigger acne. At the exact same time, the laser also shrinks the oil glands in the skin and assists in oil management. Pimples also have the tendency to be much less irritated after laser therapies and this decreases the number of acne spots after an outbreak.

tattoos are international pigments presented in the body. Similar to all-natural skin pigmentations, the laser damages the ink and eliminates the tattoo.


Throughout the treatment, the pigmentation build-up and in the laser affected locations, there’s a small swelling, in some cases also contusions. For a week the coloring slowly dissolves. No anaesthetic is required throughout the treatment. The period depends upon the size of the cured section. For limited pigment spots, the therapy lasts a couple of secs, for the entire face cure, scattered coloring elimination the treatment lasts about thirty minutes. Typically for limited pigment mark elimination -3 processes would certainly suffice. For long-winded pigmentation elimination, 5-6 processes are needed as the entire face is cured.

Why DHT Clinics

We are specialized in Q Switch Laser treatment and have been serving our best effort to make our patient’s problems solved. This is not new for us as we possess extensive experience in laser treatment, which stands us ahead of our competitors. Our specialized team takes care of every detail that leads to beneficial results and makes you appear scars-free, clear with toned skin, and shiny.