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Modified Hair Implantation

Modified Hair Implantation

This therapy is just one of our great therapies. It was solely created with comprehensive research and development initiatives that were just enabled by our dedication to offering the very best for our clients. The treatment manages clients all the convenience they can obtain throughout the procedure of hair replacement and also guarantees hair follicle waste is decreased to the barest minimal. The treatment additional targets the optimal outcome from each graft and the outcomes acquired from a MODIFIED HAIR IMPLANTATION treatment is incomparable.


How does MHI work?

MHI stands for a revolutionary development in the area of hair regrowth. It’s a mix of

– Advancement Hair Transplant,

– Enhanced Platelet Plasma Treatment

– Patented Particular Development Elements

To place it in relevant terms, MODIFIED HAIR IMPLANTATION helps to encourage current hair and make sure the development of recently implanted hair’. This makes it much far better compared to many various other hair transplant choices as it offers consistent hair development and guarantees that the outcomes appearance all-natural. This treatment was hailed as a ‘first of its kind’ in the medical world and a much better baldness treat is certainly yet to be considered.

The technique is a lot much more secure compared to various other hair transplant techniques such as FUE and FUT. When performing MODIFIED HAIR IMPLANTATION, the hair follicles are implanted straight to the location utilizing patented implanter devices. This remains in comparison with the incisions or openings in the head that might make FUE and FUT really unpleasant. There are many outside elements that identify the level to which the harvested graft makes it through. Infections, injury, hydration, temperature level, and possibly, many significantly, the duration time are a few of these elements. The MODIFIED HAIR IMPLANTATION treatment looks to make use of this benefit by producing an atmosphere where the grafts are implanted immediately after harvesting. This makes the treatment great to various other offered hair transplant techniques.


1) Groundwork of recipient location prior to surgical treatment.

2) Superior method for anesthetic for a pain-free experience.

3) Prior implantation, a development element therapy is done on the scalp to feed the location.

4) Processing of drawn out graft to enhance graft survival.

5) The accuracy of transplants to manage depth, angle and direction.

6) Maximum surgeon’s participation for correct calculation of hairline/thickness/circulation and guaranteed security.

7) Fine Punches with collagen dressing for fast recovery of the donor part

8) Maximum Grafts for more thickness

9) Free follow up for impressive periods