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Get your hair... and confidence back

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Our services are available for both females and males, making us list among the Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. So look no more and directly consult us for stunning hair solutions.

Hair Transplant - 100% Safe & Effective

We make no false commitments or give false hopes to our valued clients. First, our hair specialists ensure to understand the cause of your baldness or hair fall, and then accordingly suggest the treatments or solutions.

No Scars, No Stitches, 25 Yr Warranty on Hair Transplant

We are offering accurate hair fall solutions at affordable rates. Our team of experts who are providing guaranteed assurance for your hair repair right from the root.

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M.Ch. (Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery) M.S. โ€“ General Surgery, MBBS

Hair Transplant

A surgical Hair Transplant used by dermatologists plastic surgery who removes a Hair follicle usually from the back of your scalp is called the donor area and implanted to the bald or balding part of the body referred to as the recipient area.
Hair Transplant is a stripped-down invasive procedure in which grafts are taken from the permanent zone of the scalp which is resistant to balding and constituted to the bald space.

Hair Restoration Treatment can be used to restore the hair on your brows, beard, and scalp and is the most effective method for treating male pattern Baldness. Hair transplants vary from skin grafts in that many tiny grafts are constituted rather than a single strip of skin.

Types of Hair Transplant

Perfect Candidate for a Hair Transplant

  • Anyone who is suffering from Androgenetic alopecia.
  • A person ought to have an adequate donor area to cover his/her baldness.
  • From age 21 years until 60 years can go for a Hair Restoration Treatment. (Medical history should be informed with your respective surgeon)
  • A person with realistic expectations.
  • A person from grade 3 onwards.

Hair Transplant for Women

  • In women, alopecia is conferred as thinning in the frontal or mid-areas.
  • The root cause of baldness ought to be properly evaluated before going for any treatment.
  • Some medical tests may also be required to reach a final diagnosis
  • The hormonal reason is a common issue in Female pattern baldness or phalacrosis.

What Is A Graft/ Hair Follicle?

A graft is largely a bunch of hair that grows in a grouping of 1-4 hairs. Naturally, length hair could look like a single hair strand but when they are trimmed short it is noticeable that multiple hairs are present in a single graft.

The hair follicular unit/graft consists of a small group of hair follicles. On average 1000 grafts are equal to 2500 hair follicles.


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