DHT Clinic Best Hair Treatmant and Transplant Clinic in Delhi NCR

CEO Desk


Mr. Rajendra Singh, the CEO of DHT Clinics, has been managing the business for the past 13 years with great experience in the field. The idea of helping people rebuild and regain their confidence through medical assistance is what motivates him to work harder and provide premium services to all clients. 

With the help of a team of expert doctors and plastic surgeons, Mr. Rajendra Singh has dedicated himself to the service of hair and skin care and other reconstructive therapies. 

His humble attempt to understand and help people achieve their required results through medical aid is another step towards reconstructing confidence and supporting people suffering from various skin and dermatological problems. 

Hard work and perseverance are the keys to achieving great results and we do not take our services as a business but as a platform to help people in need. 

Everyone has the right to feel young and beautiful just the way they want. 

We aim to cater to all your needs and offer the best that we can.