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Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

What is Body Hair Transplant?

Body hair transplant is an extremely effective and minimally intrusive method of your scalp hair remediation. The technique is as like conventional hair transplant.

The only difference you can notice is the donor area of your body. The procedure is well valued amongst individuals that have less hair follicle on their back part of the scalp.

In this situation, our experts remove healthy and balanced hair follicles from your body parts and fix them into your hairless site of the scalp. We select strong hair follicles from your underarms, arms, beard, legs, chest and others.

Couples of months after complete Body Hair Transplant, you will observe healthy and natural-looking hair. However, the functions of body hair are not like your scalp hair yet, this will not change things due to the cares of our experts.

BHT Transplant Procedure

Body hair transplant resembles scalp hair FUE with certain adjustments.

The pre-functioning and post-functioning directions are different and are interacted the client relying on the medical strategy. The removal is practically more testing with these thin and fragile hair roots. However if done correctly, can provide gorgeous grafts. We utilize various ranges of specifically developed punches relying on body region, deepness of the origin and kind of hair that a client has. Inserting of these hairs is like scalp hair however preparation varies and is just one of the creative point to accomplish natural looking results. We are best in it! We understand that.

We at DHT Clinics regularly utilize the other body parts for clients that need greater variety of grafts. We regularly carry out hair transplants in huge regions and greater qualities of baldness. And for that we regularly utilize body hair from various body regions. Our experience with different cases with appropriate instrumentation has allowed us to accomplish great success with body hair transplant. These hairs are later fixed in the recipient location. The specialized doctors at DHT Clinics give complete attention to insert the appropriate type of grafts at the appropriate site to provide it a natural appearance.

Benefits of body hair transplant

Individuals struggling with serious baldness, having actually shed their wish after obtaining bad results from conventional hair transplant techniques, can reinstate their diminished hair-line by using Body Hair Transplant method. Its no sew method. However, using BHT treatment programs shows amazing outcomes, however the appropriate choice of patients is extremely important. This method ought to be scheduled just for individuals that have severe baldness and inadequate hair on the rear of their scalp.

Cost of BHT

The cost for Body Hair Transplant is as similar as the traditional hair transplant process. Generally, the transplantation cost varies from patient to patient as per their needs of hair grafts.