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About Us

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DHT clinics is a medico-aesthetic clinic that concentrates on getting benefit of advance medical sciences to make your appearance more gorgeous and younger. We have produced an advanced center that has certified skin and hair specialists and progressed devices that gives you the very best of what visual medication needs to provide.

We give you the visual appeals of charm and the scientific research of clinical understanding as a solitary combined solution under one roofing system.

Every visit of your at DHT Clinics is headed by our professional physicians that begin with a skin evaluation and carefully focus on your general clinical problem prior to graph out a treatment strategy, special for you. Our thoroughly stabilized mix of visual and medical method – from an easy skin peel to a much more progressed clinical treatment – is prepared to fit your very own distinct private skin and body requirements. We have developed this complete approach to provide you the advantages of what the very best in the area of scientific research and visual appeals has to provide. DHT Clinics is, without a doubt, one of the most extensive medico-aesthetic clinics that you could select.

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At DHT Clinics, we just provide treatments that our expanding group of doctors focused on. They are among the most skilled in their area, and you can be felt confident that you will be provided just the truthful guidance and one of the most appropriate treatments for you. Most of all we are not a company however physicians center. We utilize cutting edge innovations and one of the most progressed methods to accomplish the very best outcomes.


We at Rajender Transplant is dedicated to providing every patient with compassionate, attentive care in a warm, comfortable setting. We follow the very best standards for equipment sterilization, OR safety, personnel, and surgeon credentials. Our Doctors aren’t only well-qualified and highly renowned in their respective fields but are also premiers in their respective branches of surgery and medicine.

If you are interested in attaining aesthetic improvement for the face, and or breasts through cosmetic surgery. We invite you to attach us to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your surgical and nonsurgical options. Our friendly patient care team is happy to discuss your questions and assist you to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for your schedule. Torchbearers of the mission to provide exceptional aesthetic results and premier patient care, we continually evaluate and implement the latest advances in surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments for the face, body, breasts, and skin also as products and services.

We give you the visual appeals of charm and the scientific research of clinical understanding as a solitary combined solution under one roofing system.

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